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Me and one of my six children, Ethan, shooting videos for homeschool parents.


Dear Homeschooling Mom, 

There is a major problem with the method that people use today for teaching their children violin.

It has to do with motivation.

As a Dad of six children – and a homeschooler – I understand how it is to get children to practice. Sometimes I get frustrated – and want to yell, or be quiet, but almost never in-between!  The hardest thing for me to do is calmly explain the motivation of why we practice. But after learning a simple secret to this – framework of seemingly complex aids and helps – practice in my home comes more naturally.

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#000000″]Confession: I am in a rush to gather my 2013-2014 Violin Students for my national top-tier coaching program.[/headline_cufon_font_left]

That’s the reason I have to give my FREE DVDs away. I need to find out who’s READY to LEARN VIOLIN the “violin-lifestyle” way.

For me, practicing has become second nature – and I want to show you how it can work for your children.

If you’re a Mom (Dad’s, this isn’t for you, unless you are a single Dad, then join in guilt-free!) – your confession is like many Moms: you aren’t getting the results you expected out of violin lessons… and the reason is that you just can’t get your child to practice enough.

As a teacher, you know that practice doesn’t make perfect, but practice does make “better.”  So yes, practice is the key.

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#000000″]Learn by watching my DVD, how more efficient practice times can be unlocked with a simple “key.”[/headline_cufon_font_left]

Sure. Practice is the key, but what is the key to more practice? I’m glad you asked.

Without practice, here’s what we get: High costs of lessons, instruments, sheet music… and bad or no results… …slow-to-no progression… and after missing two weeks in a row due to unforeseen circumstances, “FATE” happens, accompanied by the popular question asked around a quiet dinner to a dismayed (or relieved) child: SHOULD WE QUIT the VIOLIN???

The key to practice is revealed on my DVD. But I’ll get you part of the secret here on this page. Keep reading.

If you are open-minded about having your child learn violin… If you think “Maybe it is possible that I don’t  have all the answers – and I WANT those answers…” If you desire for child to learn the RIGHT WAY… the LIFER Way (those that play violin for life, for fun and enjoyment, even to provide for their families)…

By this time, you’re thinking, “Where’s the catch?” Or, like many, “Free DVD today, what’s tomorrow? He will send me a bill for it?” No. But I can understand how you would think that in today’s society of give-and-take. The truth is that I do want your mailing address. I will be sending you other things in the mail, like letters, thank-you cards, even more free gifts.  That’s the catch.  I want you to enjoy violin as much as I do, and I won’t give up on you like a shot in the dark online one-off scam.

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If you are taking a break from teaching math, science, or writing at home to your children, and grabbed coffee, heard a violin song on one of your iTunes playlists, and decided on a whim, “I think my child should try out the violin,” then clicked on this link because you’re curious… Then my program is DEFINITELY NOT for you.  You will give up on your child – and you will have wasted your time – when you get onto the next whim, and there may be other issues at hand. I see it all the time… I’m just being honest with you (which is more than you may have bargained for today by reading my letter).

If you are looking for a private instructor who will hold your child’s hand through the inevitable tears when they didn’t practice – then takes take your money for the lesson –  and smiles – my program is going to disappoint. My DVD is designed to show up at YOUR home, when YOU want it, so you can learn whenever YOU want. On top of that, your child should NEVER attend a violin lesson if he or she has not practiced. I talk about this in my FREE DVD. 

If you are the type of woman who loves her husband, loves her children, and loves homeschooling, but who does not appreciate culture, the arts, and thinks that “classical” (orchestra) music is “for rich people,” or “those liberals,” you might order my DVD – but a warning here – you probably will not appreciate my DVD today.  My teaching style very much appreciates not only classical music, but the arts, and frankly, I believe that classical music is perhaps the very best music ever written, aside from some of the church hymns of the same era. If you are intrigued in my unique and UNCONVENTIONAL (some teachers hate me!) motivational techniques, get the DVD I am offering ($69.99 value!) for FREE at the top of this page.


Order Your FREE DVD and Get Your Child Practicing Again…

If you are a mother (or father, or guardian) who loves to educate your children or grandchildren, and you have had talks for at least two weeks to one month (or more – some parents discuss for YEARS), about putting your child “into violin lessons”… and you have wondered what it might cost…. and how much time it will take… and finally it’s time to ‘pull the trigger’ and research private lessons, or violin rentals, or a group lesson…. then you will LOVE my DVD. Order NOW, before you finish this page (limited supply).  You will not be disappointed; I guarantee it or I pay you $9.99 for your wasted time!


You should know a bit about me – who is this guy, after all? I could tell you a LOT about me… and I will – in the DVD. Order it now, without waiting – pay nothing now, nothing ever for it I think we’ll have fun getting to know each other.


Not a lot of people GUARANTEE FREE THINGS. But your TIME is NOT FREE. I understand. That’s why I’m guaranteeing YOUR TIME…

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#000000″]If – and ONLY IF – you are committed to your child playing beautiful music, and you have read my page above, you are now ready to order your FREE DVD on the form above.[/headline_cufon_font_left]

There is so much to tell you, and so little time – and you have to figure out what to do with a violin soon. So go to the top of this page, order your FREE DVD, and if you don’t agree it has some of the best motivational techniques in it (you’ll NEED them when your child plays violin), just tell me, and I’ll send you a check for $9.99 to pay for your time.

The Violin Lifestyle Coach,

Brooks Hanes

The Violin Lifestyle Coach, Creator of #1 Violin Monthly Masterclass in USA
421 Ash St.
Farmington, MN 55024

P.S. My name is Brooks. I’m a no-nonsense violin teacher, who has played violin professionally for 20 years. Do you want your child to have to wait to get this FREE DVD, or do you enjoy a great investment at the right price, if it means your child gets to practice more and perform at a higher level? (You’ll thank me for it, when your child doesn’t want to practice, and you don’t want him to just give up like most young violinists.) It’s FREE to order – so take advantage right now by spending the next 17 seconds filling out the form.

P.P.S. Is it possible that a DVD can help your child learn violin?  I guarantee it – and NO ONE has ever told me it was not worth their time.  Order my DVD and see if I don’t give you some SIGNIFICANT help as a parent of a young violinist. I think you’ll know the answer by then. If it isn’t the BEST DVD you have seen about motivating your kids to practice, I’ll pay you $9.99 for your wasted time.

Get my FREE DVD ($69 value) in your mailbox – just fill out the form on the top right corner of this page


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