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You are on the RIGHT PAGE for growing your violin performance from zero to hero. From 1 to 10. From anywhere to the place you want to go.

My name is Brooks Hanes. I'd like to share a crazy story. I think most of it is true. I was NOT there so I cannot say...


Why did a Physicist start playing the violin???

A few years ago, probably on a cloudy, dreary day, a slender young man was put to a task by hundreds of people to solve some math and science problems that physicists could not solve. He'd go to work for a while then do something curious.

STEM was in trouble at that time... until he picked up his violin

Our man had not showered yet, not gotten a bit of rest for a while, and yet he had to scribble out some solutions to major problems the universe had waiting for him to figure out... so he did something very curious.

He picked up a violin. And started to play. Kinda well, we'd probably say if we had heard him.

He was a disheveled sort of guy. An unkempt young man. And as he put the violin under his chin he started to play some Mozart, working along just like you may have done already--or you dream to do.

Most people his age quit violin at age 7. But he kept at it. No parents poked him or bribed him. Why did he keep playing?

This young man kept playing because he LOVED what it did for him.... and TO HIM.

In fact, he USED the violin to get better at LIFE.

Here's how he kept going on violin... (We re-join him back at the table). Half way into what he thought he should play, he looked up into the air, and said, "Aha!" and put the violin down. Back on to the table he got it from.

As he put the violin down, it nearly hit a bowl of fruit. And maybe his hot drink. He picked up a pencil and kept going at the math problem....

....No, the violin was not his work, but his work was helped tremendously by the violin. And because he NEEDED violin to serve a purpose for him, he got to play it as often as the sun came up each day! That is why he never quit the violin.

Landing on this page, you find yourself in a similar situation, just like that young man almost 100 years ago. You read this on a computer screen using some of the things that our young man with crazy hair, Mr. Albert Einstein, helped create with his theories.

And you may be like that young man, his ideas rolling to him only AFTER taking a break on his "thought machine," the violin. Playing a bit of Mozart got his ideas and solutions all rattled up in that crazy lock of hair. Maybe you are using the violin for something other than what Mr. Einstein did.

Without a bigger reason for violin, you will NEVER get much better

If you want to get better at violin, consider this: without a GREAT BIG reason to get better, the hard work of violin is just not enough. See, after a few more minutes doing something else, he'd go back and pick up that old violin again. He depended on his music to get him LIFE.

Scruffy, he didn't really care much for his hair.... Because something was bigger.

So many people have asked me to help them on violin. But inside their soul they want to achieve something, go somewhere, or FEEL the world burst into life again!

Take a Leap into Violin with the ONLY course that helps you have FUN when you learn some serious music... at HOME.

Feel alive again! Smell the fresh mountain air of Rome when you play a piece from an Italian composer! Get the knot in your stomach when you play Handel's piece originally written for the common folk, about a very uncommon Man, the Messiah.

With this monumental task at hand, I could not fall asleep at the wheel any longer. I went to a local camera store (remember those?) and bought clearance video equipment. One of my sons asked if anyone would ever buy the videos. I said yes, but it took a few years.

Now, I'm able to help people with some great content and trainings at no cost as well, like on this little page. I hope it's fresh to you and provides you with an eye-opening experience of learning about violin.

-Brooks Hanes

"90 Days to Play" inspires you to play more, practice often, and never have to leave your home to learn (unless you want to)

My 2015 Book, available to all my new students

Why I Charge Such a High Price for My Home Study Violin Courses

In 1992-1993 I was 18 years old, away from home for the first time. Attending college, living in a  dorm. No food money, no fun money. And NO VIOLIN TEACHER (for the first time in 13 years)... My idea to get money for food and gas was to go work for an orchestra or two. So, I auditioned and got the jobs--3 orchestras that year PLUS some extra side-gig work.  After that year I transferred to a local school and needed money for tuition so I auditioned... Guess what? I got the scholarship, and one of the judges who knew me said I was better than a year before--"who was your teacher this past year?" I told him: NOBODY.

It wasn't until about 20 years later (just a few years ago) that I realized the trick was exactly what more people needed, but didn't know, to get themselves better at violin! Not more teaching. Not more money into instructors. Not more traditional education at all (thought that CAN help). What they needed was more INSPIRATION. So in a nutshell, don't buy my course if you just take this ONE TIP: get inspired. Seriously, take that and run with it!

Nowadays, more than 792 violinists around the world have used my products and coaching to get better at violin. I started with a little DVD video giving the INSPIRATION tips, and over the next few years I was amazed as many parents of young violinists--and adult violinists--seemed to enjoy the concepts. Then in 2013 I started the Monthly Violin DVD Masterclass which became the top in its category in the USA. So, with that, I went to the whiteboard and put together a little thing I call "90 Days to Play," followed by "I Can Play Violin! Level 1 Violin System."

If you don't try them out, remember, just go to "Inspiration!" Get inspired and you'll do better, without a doubt. Do you LOVE violin? Do you USE violin? Do you feel LIFE when you play? Do you realize how FORTUNATE and GRACED you are to be able to do what you do? My courses do that for people, but right now if you don't buy them (they may be too expensive for you, not sure...) then just read this page and get realizing that you are SUCH a great joy to the world, to be able to even RENT or OWN such an instrument...

When I do get to recording things, the songs I put down on video and books and CDs and DVDs--they're all MADE for simplicity and beauty. People who move forward with me will be singing out to the hills with old and new concepts, freshly taught... and experimenting with 3rd Position, Octaves, Double-Stops, Vibrato, and all sorts of new things that will help you advance past beginner to advances in a hurry.

My two oldest children playing (I have six children, all play violin!)

How You WILL Learn Violin FASTER than ANY other System...

...starting TODAY!


Walking alongside the auditorium, outside in the snow and rain, my feet slushing around in the snow and dirty water, I tried to keep my light-gray shiny puffy violin case from getting splashed! It was a dark evening and we had just gotten finished with a Dubuque (Iowa) symphony concert in one of the oldest auditoriums I had ever performed in.  As a part of this orchestra, I wanted to get one thing and one thing only: enough MONEY to pay for my gas and expenses being away from home, in college.

I did not have a violin teacher, so would everyone in the Orchestra notice I was getting worse?

Being away I had nothing to spend on LESSONS either--for the first time since I was 5 years old I was not in violin lessons at all.  WOAH, this is going to get WORSE and WORSE--I really hope they don't notice my regression as my violin 'shredding' turned into 'muddling.'

No. Because I was getting better.

The reason they did not notice I was getting worse, was because I was getting better! I was playing for the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, the Clinton Symphony Orchestra, and the Waterloo Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra... all in the same year!  PLUS... I played for a local church AND for my own rock band, performing around the state of Iowa.

But I didn't know it... I thought I was getting worse BECAUSE I just did NOT HAVE LESSONS.

What I discovered next changed my life (but not for 20 years)

After a year of performing, I got to the point where my year at that college was over and (it was a one-year program I was enrolled in) it was time to go back to my hometown in Waterloo Iowa. I did, and then I figured out that I had actually gotten better to the surprise of even my college instructor.

That discovery of my improvement without an instructor got me thinking.... but only 20 years later. See, without the input of an instructor I had done a few things:

  1. I got thinking about music on my own. (I had to OWN the music and be responsible for success.)
  2. I had a BIGGER REASON to play other than just "because I played." (My bigger reason was that I had to EAT and DRIVE so I needed money.)

Get YOUR copy of my 3-part e-course, the "Agile Violin Method practice template"!

After reading this e-course, you will learn faster on your own with or without additional instruction!

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