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When I was in Elementary School, my parents did the right things to get me to practice violin.

When I was in college, my scholarship however took a turn for the worst…

…I was UNLIKELY to get any better because I was WITHOUT A VIOLIN TEACHER for 12 months.

But something happened… I got better, so much so that people asked me “Who in the world was your teacher???”

My answer shocked them: NO ONE… If you want to know how I got better without a teacher, read on, and fill out the form on the right!

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My wife and I homeschool and train on violin our six children.

My wife and I homeschool and train on violin our six children.

FACT 1: Violin Rentals are right for children, but wrong for Adults.

Kids who are still growing in physical size should be on a rental plan which allows their instrument to grow – at minimal  – along with them.  In addition, this lease should cover the expense of repairs.

Adults, however, will find relatively inexpensive instruments more valuable to own than to lease. For no more than $400, a decent full-size (adult) violin can be found.

FACT 2: The wrong size of a child’s violin can cause horrible-sounding habits in pitch and tone.

When measuring a violin, ensure that the fingertips of the left hand can decently wrap around the scroll, without much overlap. This is a quick and easy guide for the correct size, but it’s not foolproof.

A good example of a bad habit caused by a wrongly sized instrument is when the first and second fingers begin to show up in the dead zone – playing (on the A string) neither a C Natural nor a C Sharp.  This habit is formed when either a child is switching instruments, or an adult is lazy in executing correct pitch.

FACT 3: If a violinist has not practiced during the week, it is HARMFUL to take them in for a lesson that week.

You might say, “I will never miss a lesson. I am dedicated.” If you are unlike any student/family I have ever had, then OK. But if you are a realist, with a tinge of optimism, believe me when I say there will be times you must miss a lesson.

And then a new question: what to do when your child hasn’t practiced?

What then? The SURPRISING and NOT-VERY-POPULAR answer: skip the lesson, but pay for it. This is a RADICAL idea – like my entire teaching method – but it WORKS.

Many will say, “If I skip a lessonThis is money thrown away. This WASTE of money can be avoided by negotiating with your instructor – or by taking lessons from a self-instructed accelerated DVD course.

FACT 4: It is harmful to the FUTURE of a violinists interest to buy a violin valued less than $400 off the Internet.

Why? Because you will not be able to keep the violin IN TUNE. This will cause your instructor AND YOU up to 50% of the entire lesson or practice time.
This is like buying a family van from the grocery store!

FACT 5: It IS possible to learn violin from a video coach.

Usually those who tell others that you cannot learn violin from a video, are people who are not teaching violin from a video.  It is possible. From my personal experience, the most I learned from any coach was not in high school, college, or elementary; it was from listening to others perform.  My other coaches helped, but I WAS MY OWN GREATEST INSTRUCTOR.

And so are YOU.

Because I have been teaching violin for years – a quarter of a decade, to be EXACT (almost to the day!), I am at the point where I have to TURN DOWN students more often than not.

And this has led me to open up my teaching methods to others. How can I afford this? Ultimately, how can I afford to keep a secret? It doesn’t profit me.

You have the chance now to get some of my teaching for free – my methods – by ordering a FREE LESSON today by filling out the form on the right hand side of this page.

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